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Halloween Electrical Safety Tips to Avoid a Literal Shock

Halloween Electrical Safety Tips to Avoid a Literal Shock

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are full of festivities and crafty decorations. Whether lights or a blowup displays, many of our indoor and outdoor decorations, especially for Halloween and Christmas, require electricity. With the current and upcoming seasons requiring an extensive amount of electricity, it's important to be aware of your electrical surroundings and pay attention to potential hazards.

Halloween Electrical Safety Tips

  1. Halloween is a time to furnish your home with eery and extraordinary decorations. Depending on the extent of your decorations, you may need several extension cords. If any of your extension cords have loose ends, it is highly recommended that you replace them. Simply bandaging the loose end with electrical tape is not enough. It is also advised that you do not run extension cords under rugs or carpet. The wires within the plug can become frayed or broken and can shock those who walk over them. Before putting up any decorations, inspect them for damaged wiring. The best way to prevent extension cord problems is to make sure you have enough electrical outlets where you need them. Contact Gold Medal Service to install dedicated circuits and extra electrical receptacles for your home.
  2. Commonly located in kitchens or bathrooms, your ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) prevents electrocution. These are generally located within six feet of a water source, which is why they are able to prevent electrocution. If your GFCI trips repeatedly, call an expert electrician as soon as possible. You more than likely have an electrical problem or a worn-out GFCI outlet receptacle. Make sure that any outdoor decorations are plugged into outlets that are GFCI-protected to prevent electric shocks; all outdoor outlets should be GFCI-protected.
  3. Consider switching out your regular candles for "flameless" ones. You can put them in the window our your jack-o-lanterns without fear of fire.
  4. If you notice your ceiling fan wobbling, it either wasn't mounted correctly, your blades are unbalanced or they are warped. We highly recommend having a licensed, professional electrician come to your home. When it comes to repairing damaged wires or electrical boxes, it is best to leave the job to a trusted expert.
  5. If there are small children present in your home, it is highly advised that you place covers over the outlets. Kids are curious, and it is easy for small hands to make their way into the tiny slits in an outlet; therefore, it is vital that you be proactive.
  6. When you are away from home or going to sleep, it is important to unplug all unnecessary appliances and electrical devices and extinguish any open flames. This also includes any decorations you may have up, such as your blowup spider or ghouls. Doing so can prevent your home from experiencing electrical wiring problems.

Watch this video for a couple more Halloween Electrical Safety Tips:

General Electrical Safety:

  1. Do not overload your outlets.
  2. Only plug one heating source (straightener, space heater, grill, toaster, microwave, etc.) into a receptacle outlet at a time.
  3. For large appliances, plug directly into the wall; do not use an extension cord or surge protector
  4. Consider having an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter installed by a professional to prevent fires started by electrical arcs (when electricity jumps a gap in the circuit).
  5. Also, consider installing GFCIs (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupt) and RCDs (Residual-Current Device) in order to prevent a person from being shocked. All outdoor outlets should be protected by GFCIs and some outlets are even required to be GFCI-protected.
  6. During your annual maintenance service, check all AFCIs and GFCIs.
  7. Keep cords tucked away and away from walk areas; do not have cords running under rugs.
  8. Do not use extension cords for extended periods of time. Have a trusted electrician install more outlets if you need more.
  9. Make sure your light fixtures are using bulbs with the appropriate wattage. There is normally a sticker on the fixture that says what the maximum wattage is.

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