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Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Fans | Lower Energy Bills

Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Fans | Lower Energy Bills

Getting the right mix of ventilation and insulation is somewhat tricky. In addition to insulating your attic and sealing up the gaps and cracks around your home, you will want to make sure that the attic allows excess heat and moisture out.

A visit from a professional home inspector (Home Energy Audit) will advise you where to insulate and if you have any moisture and ventilation problems. In addition to reducing moisture and increasing ventilation in your attic, solar powered attic fans will save you money and reduce energy consumption.

As you probably know, your attic can get very hot in the summer, easily reaching 90-100 degree temperatures. When installed properly, solar powered attic fans push the hot, trapped air out of your attic, reducing the workload on your HVAC unit. If your HVAC unit is located in your attic, this is especially important.

Since attic fans only require a small amount of power, and that power is generated for free by the sun, you will be reducing overall energy use and saving money. And solar powered attic fans aren't just for the summer. In the winter, the attic fans function to reduce moisture and increase the quality of your indoor air. They also reduce the risk of ice damming near your rafters by improving air circulation.

The Perks of Solar Powered Attic Fans

  • 30% federal tax credit (up to $1,500)
  • Lower energy bills and reduce workload on HVAC system
  • Reduces moisture in attic
  • Extend life of roof and attic
  • Extremely quiet
  • Powered by solar; no cost of operation
  • 20-year warranty
  • Hi-Powered solar panel meets ISO 9001 standards

We will make sure that your attic is properly insulated and ventilated so that your attic fan does not suck conditioned air out of your attic.

To schedule a home energy audit, which identifies energy inefficiencies, or to find out more about solar powered attic fans, contact the professionals at Gold Medal Service. We'll be there with our same day service guarantee!

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