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5 Easy DIY Home Maintenance Projects for the Weekend

5 Easy DIY Home Maintenance Projects for the Weekend

A beautiful weekend lies ahead of us. Take the opportunity to use it to your advantage by completing some of these easy DIY home maintenance tasks.

This summer, take the necessary steps to ensure your home is safe and energy efficient for both the short and long term. Get started this weekend before it becomes excruciatingly hot!

5 Easy DIY Home Maintenance Tasks

1. Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts

Gutters are an often neglected part of our homes, but they are essential for protecting our houses from water damage. If you ignore your gutters, water can spill over your gutters causing foundation damage, peeling paint, rotting wood, moldy basements and attics, and roof leaks. Late summer and early fall are great times to inspect your gutters before the leaves begin to fall. No doubt you will have to clear your gutters again in the fall, but if you do a thorough gutter inspection now, it will make your work a lot easier when it comes time.

2. Inspect your roof for damaged shingles

Damaged and/or missing shingles can be a warning sign of a more serious problem. You can inspect your roof yourself and even replace shingles by yourself, but if you have leaks or water coming into your house, you should have a professional roofer assess the situation. You can save a lot of money on more serious roof repairs by having a roofing professional inspect your roof for leaks and damaged areas.

3. Using weather-stripping and caulk, seal any or cracks you find.

Inspect your home for proper sealing. If you can see daylight coming through any window or door seals, try weather-stripping and caulking the cracks. Use weatherproof caulk on gaps smaller than 1/4 inch and expandable foam spray for any gaps larger than 1/4 inch.

4. Trim plants and protect your outdoor unit

Spring was a great time for your plants to grow. Ensure that they are not growing too close to your outdoor HVAC unit by inspecting the area around your unit for any branches, vines, and weeds that may be encroaching. If you find any rust on your unit try to clean off as much as you can.

You can apply a sealant or metal paint to the metal areas to protect it from the harsh winter. Continue to monitor the condition of your outdoor unit during the fall for leaves, branches, and other material that may be damaging your system. You want to make sure that there is good airflow around the unit. Maintain a minimum clearance of 24 inches around your unit and ensure that it is easily accessible for your HVAC technician.

5. Replace your air filter

Your HVAC system has been hard at work this summer getting you cool air. If you haven't replaced your air filters this summer, they are most likely in need of one. You don't want to forget about this one because if you do, airflow will be dramatically reduced, causing your system to work harder and possibly break down. This is the single easiest and most important HVAC maintenance task you can do!

Last, but certainly not least, schedule professional heating and AC maintenance. Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance is essential for keeping your system safe, efficient, and long-lasting. Yearly maintenance also ensures that your warranties remain in effect.

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