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Mischief Night: Toilet Paper Edition

Mischief Night: Toilet Paper Edition

In honor of Mischief Night, one of New Jersey's most loved (and hated) traditions, Gold Medal Service is taking an in-depth look at toilet paper. Although toilet paper can create a fire hazard when exposed to utility lines, compared with eggs, paintball guns, and rocks, it is a fairly harmless Mischief Night prank. Let's hope that a TP-ed tree or house is the worst thing that happens to you on Mischief Night

If you do end up getting egged, however, act fast and use warm water (not hot). For a full guide to cleaning off egg stains from your house, take a look at this WikiHow article (w/ pictures).

If you want to be a mischief maker, learn how to properly TP a house here, also on WikiHow.

Fun Facts About Toilet Paper

As you are planning your TP attack, reflect on all the hard work and history that went into making this Mischief Night tradition possible:

  1. The first recorded use of toilet paper was in 6th century China.
  2. Wealthy Romans used wool soaked in rose water and French royalty used lace.
  3. Other things that were used before toilet paper include hay, corncobs, sticks, stones, sand, moss, hemp, wool, husks, fruit peels, ferns, sponges, seashells, and broken pottery. Ouch!
  4. It wasn’t until 1935 that a manufacturer was able to promise “Splinter-Free Toilet Paper.” Ouch, again!
  5. The average roll has 333 sheets.
  6. In 1973 Johnny Carson caused a toilet paper shortage. He said as a joke that there was a shortage, which there wasn’t until everyone believed him and ran out to buy up the supply. It took three weeks for some stores to get more stock.
  7. Colored toilet paper was popular in the U.S. until the 1940s.
  8. During Desert Storm, the U.S. Army used toilet paper to camouflage their tanks.
  9. The Pentagon uses, on average, 666 rolls of toilet paper per day
  10. When asked what necessity they would bring to a desert island, 49% of people said toilet paper before food.

TP trivia taken from Buzzfeed's article, "36 Weird Things You Never Knew About Toilet Paper."

There is one last thing I want to tell you about toilet paper: toilet paper clogs!

To prevent toilet paper clogs, use only the necessary amount and remember that it is better to flush twice then to risk a toilet clog. Also, do not use those "flushable wipes," however enticing they are. They're not as flushable as you may think. To find out more about how to avoid toilet paper clogs, check out these toilet paper reviews by Good Housekeeping, which uses clog-ability as a ranking category.

And if TP isn't your thing, get some Mischief Night inspiration from this HowCast video:

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