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Water Heater Maintenance Essentials

Water Heater Maintenance Essentials

Have you ever had a relaxing hot shower only to suddenly be shocked by a burst of freezing cold water? Don't let this happen to you!

New Jersey Water Heater Maintenace

People don't usually think about their hot water heater until after there is a problem. But, you can help prevent water heater leaks, rust, inefficiency, and general breakdowns with some annual water heater maintenance. The best thing you can do is call your friendly Gold Medal customer service representative or schedule an appointment online for same day service to fix and maintain your hot water heater, but there are simple things you can do to keep your water heater running properly and increase its longevity.

Want to Save Money? Schedule Your Next Water Heater Maintenance

Although you may regularly schedule heating and cooling tune-ups, when was the last time you scheduled a water heater maintenance appointment with a professional plumber? You would be surprised to learn how enlisting the help of your plumbing service company and performing your own simple water heater maintenance can keep more money in your pocket.

Professional Maintenance

By regularly maintaining your water heater, you will be making an investment in your system’s longevity.

  • Your plumbing service company will check for the proper functioning of your temperature and pressure-relief valves.
  • They will also take a look at your pipes, valves and all connections to ensure that there are no signs of weakness or leaks that could potentially damage your home, lower your water heater’s efficiency or waste money.
  • It’s especially important that you seek out professional water heater maintenance if you live in a hard-water area, as the sediment created by hard-water minerals can decrease water heater efficiency and damage your equipment. A professional can retrofit your system to help flush harmful sediment from your water tank.
  • If you want to make the switch from hard water to cold water, Gold Medal Service offers state-of-the-art Kinetico water softener, conditioner, purification, and filtration systems that can provide you with the very cleanest, safest, and softest water you can get.

We service, replace and install:

  • Gas water heaters

  • Electric water heaters

  • Tankless water heaters

  • Instant hot water (at any faucet)

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

DIY Maintenance

To supplement professional maintenance, you can take on the simple project of flushing out sediments on your own to boost efficiency. Before doing anything, however, make sure you read all the warnings and labels that are located on your water heater. Heaters vary, so make sure you are following the directions as they apply to your specific water heater.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Depending on your system (if it has a pilot light, it is gas; if not, it's electric), you will need to shut off the appropriate heat source, and then access the water-shutoff located at the top of your unit. Turn the gas off or shut off the circuit breaker, if it is an electric water heater.

  2. After turning off the water, attach a hose to the spigot connected to the water heater (at the bottom of the tank), run the other end of the hose outside, and turn back on the drain valve to empty the sediment-filled water out the tank for about 20 minutes. After you turn on the water, open the pressure release valve to let air into the tank.

  3. Once drained, turn on the cold-water supply valve at the top of the tank to force out any remaining sediment, and refill the tank. Drain and repeat until the water that is draining looks clear.

  4. After draining the tank, turn off the water valve and unscrew the hose from the spigot. With the pressure valve still on, place a bucket below the spigot and turn on the water one last time to drain the last bits of sediment. Drain a couple of gallons. If the water is clear, you are ready for the last step.

  5. Refill the tank by closing the pressure release valve, turning off the water drain spigot at the base, and then turn on the water. Only after the tank is full should you turn the gas or electric back on. Otherwise, you could cause heating damage to the tank

To schedule water heater maintenance or for further advice, contact the professionals at Gold Medal Service.

Just call your friendly Gold Medal customer service representative or schedule an appointment online and we'll be there with our same day service guarantee to fix your hot water heater.

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