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Homeowners Need to Prepare Home for "Pollen Vortex"

Homeowners Need to Prepare Home for

Calling this spring a “Pollen Vortex” may seem intense; however, following this winter’s harsh temperatures and polar vortex, many New Jersey residents are facing an intense allergy season this spring. For that reason, Gold Medal Service, an award-winning heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical drain and waterproofing services company, offers New Jersey residents some tips to help pollen-proof their homes.

“It’s important to take steps in making your home as allergen-free as possible, especially with the increased pollen we are facing this spring,” said Mike Agugliaro, Gold Medal Service’s owner. “While no home can ever be 100 percent allergen-free, with the right steps you can reduce your exposure to common substances like dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen.”

Pollen travels best on warm, dry, breezy days and peaks in urban areas midday. Pollen counts are lowest during chilly, wet periods.

Compared to other allergenic particles like mold, dust mites and animal dander, pollen grains are large and heavy and settle faster from the air. According to the Asthma Foundation of America there are several ways to pollen proof a home:

  • Control dust mites. Keep surfaces in the home clean and uncluttered. Bare floors and walls are best, particularly in the bedroom where people spend one-third of their time. If a homeowner must have carpet, throw rugs that can be washed or low-pile carpets are better.
  • Vacuum once or twice weekly. Vacuuming helps keep allergens to a minimum. A person with allergies should wear a dust mask while doing housework. Use a damp or treated cloth for dusting. Leave the house for several hours after cleaning it.
  • Prevent animal dander. Most doctors suggest that people allergic to animal dander not keep household pets with feathers or fur.
  • Prevent entry of pollen by keeping windows and doors closed. Air conditioning in warm weather is best and also helps control dust mites by reducing humidity. Change filters often in window units.

Taking proactive steps to keep a home clean will improve indoor air quality and will help a homeowner reduce the pollen count in a home. For more information about Gold Medal Service, call (732) 365-3199