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Gold Medal Service Announces Lifetime Guarantee

Gold Medal Service Announces Lifetime Guarantee

Gold Medal Service, an award-winning heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, drain cleaning, and waterproofing service company in New Jersey, has announced its new Lifetime Guarantee for homeowners who purchase the company’s recommended repairs.

The Lifetime Guarantee covers about 90 percent of the parts and labor Gold Medal Service experts provide to homeowners all over New Jersey, as long as they own the home. If a covered repair service is performed, or a covered part is installed in a home, the warranty guarantees free repairs on the covered service or part as long as the homeowner owns the home. The Lifetime Guarantee does not pass on to another owner.

“We want all our customers to have peace of mind when it comes to spending money on a repair service,” said Mike Agugliaro, Gold Medal Service co-founder. “We stand behind all of our services, and we value our customers and treat their homes with respect. I am excited to be able to offer this unique Lifetime Guarantee to give our customers another level of protection.”

To be eligible for the warranty, a Gold Medal Service expert must recommend a repair to the homeowner, and the homeowner must accept the recommendation. This could include the installation of such things as plumbing fixtures, circuit boards, light switches, and many other items. In certain cases, the warranty may only cover a part of a unit, such as a blower motor replaced in a furnace. In that case, the Lifetime Guarantee would no longer be valid once the entire unit (e.g. the furnace) needed to be replaced. Consumable parts, such as bulbs, batteries, and filters are also not covered, as these need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Gold Medal Service has started advertising the Lifetime Guarantee on billboards across the state of New Jersey.

“I know it’s a big decision to repair or replace something in your home,” said Agugliaro. “With our new Lifetime Guarantee, our customers can rest easy knowing they’re protected if anything goes wrong with something we’ve repaired.” For more information about Gold Medal Service, call (732) 365-3199.