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National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month

In recognition of FEMA’s National Preparedness Month (NPM), Gold Medal Service, an award-winning heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and drain service company, is offering New Jersey residents tips to help prepare their homes and businesses before a weather-related emergency occurs.

“This month, Gold Medal Service encourages all area homeowners and business owners to take a moment to think about how well they are prepared for a weather-related emergency,” said Mike Agugliaro, Gold Medal Service co-founder. “Last year and this year New Jersey and its neighboring states suffered from the effects of severe weather, and residents are still recovering.”

Gold Medal Service offers this list of safety checks for area residents to complete now, well before the severe weather season is here:

Perform a home or business audit from the outside first

  • Examine the windows, shutters, gutters, drains and roof of your home or business. Make sure everything is securely attached and that nothing could come off easily and become a projectile in severe weather. Have loose items fixed immediately.
  • Inspect the ground around your home or business for low or damp areas that could become flooded. If you have ever had a drainage problem, now is the time to have a professional examine and repair the problem.
  • Assess the integrity of large trees surrounding your home, and note any dead or damaged areas. Have a licensed tree surgeon inspect any trees or branches that look like they could damage your home or property and have them removed.
  • Consider purchasing a quality generator to maintain your basic needs during a power outage. Schedule a safety inspection of your home by a qualified electrical contractor, and learn the best way to use your generator before it’s needed.

Examine the interior of your home or business

  • Check interior walls, carpeting, flooring, ceiling, windowsills, corners and basements for signs of water damage or dampness. Mold can develop in just 24 hours in damp areas.
  • Dampness means you have a water problem, either from an interior source or from an outside source. Either way, you will need a professional to examine and repair the damp areas now to prevent further damage from a storm or weather event.

“And before scheduling a service contractor to come to your home or business,” stresses Agugliaro, “verify that the business conducts background and security checks. At Gold Medal, all of our service contractors go through rigorous background checks and wear easy to see and read identification badges for your convenience.”